Award-winning interactive toys!

Explore the Digital World with Shifu

The AR Gaming System for Kids

Shifu teaches children of all ages 20 essential skills in early childhood, from spelling & math problems to music & engineering. Build stronger foundations with Shifus 3 platforms and 14 games from Plugo and Orboot.

Play in the real world to drive the game on screen! Spark STEM skills and beyond with Shifu Plugo. Math, engineering, music, language, logical reasoning & more…

Plugo Letters

Bring alive stories on screen by spelling words, letter by letter, in the real world! 

Plugo Count

Solve math puzzles with real numerals to unravel jungle mysteries and space adventures on the screen!

Plugo Link

Build structures with magnetic blocks on the Gamepad to solve STEM puzzles on the screen!

Plugo Tunes

Master the ABCs of musical notes, learn to play piano, and easily transition to a real keyboard!

Plugo Slingshot

Aim and launch the catapult in the real world to overcome obstacles in the digital world!

Plugo Wiz Pack

The most loved combination to start learning at home: 1 math kit, 1 words kit, 1 building blocks kit, 1 gamepad.

Three different worlds, three different globes!
Shifu Orboot is a series of interactive globes that come alive with the magic of AR.

Orboot Dinos

Bring alive your
favorite dinosaurs

Orboot Earth

Explore countries,
cultures, wildlife & more

Orboot Mars

Uncover the secrets
of the Red Planet